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Bow of the five brothers by CptUkitake Bow of the five brothers by CptUkitake
I plan on doing more weapons later, with story and stats behind them. The idea was thought up by me and my friend Akkorde.
Sorry if there's any wrong english in the following text.
Accuracy: [IIIIII (average)
Strength: [IIIIIII (Just above average)
Firerate: [IIIIIIIIII (Ecxellent)
Mobility: [IIIIIIII (Good)
Range: [IIIIIIII (Good)
The bow of the five brothers is a medium to long range weapon, it packs an average amound of power behind its shots, but with an excellent fire-rate to compensate for it. It's a fantasy weapon as it can be powered up by the elementary powers of fire, ice and electricity.
The user has his hands protected by a half circled gauntlet, which also provides extra accuracy as it reduces weapon sway.

Story: (This is fiktion)
The year is 348 AD, in this age we find five brothers each controlling their own hold, but with a desperate thirst for blood, as they can't go for a day without tasting the blood of their enemies. Following that, as they brothers had elmininated any threats in miles around them, they declared war on each other, each supported by their own god. Brother Hadiumos was supported by the old god of hunt Artemis and was given a bow enhanced by the gods. The bow was powered up with the elements fire, ice and electricity and made of goldcovered steelplate making it impossible to destroy. With this Hadiumos thought himself invincible and cornered brother Yudiafos in his castle continuing to bring fire and lightning down upon his castle as well as freeze his armies.
Brother Hadiumos however was attacked by Brother Gohambos, lead by the god Mars the god of war, Gohambos was easily able to push Hadiumos from Yudiafos's walls and forced him to retreat, Brother Hadiumos was slain by Gohambos betrayed by his own god and his thirst for power. The bow claimed over 8000 lives and returned to the hands of Artemis.
Akkorde Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting, so the bow could never be used by anyone again, since it returned? This sounds alot like greek mythology but i'm not totally sure, it's very well designed and i like the fact with that it can be powered with elements, and i liked the story very well made ^^

though i have a question, what is the ammonition made of? and where did you get the inspiration from? :D
CptUkitake Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
yeah sorry forgot about the ammo.
Well the first two bro's who's gods I've revealed is greek yes, however I plan on adding some from the Nordic mythology as well.
The ammo is made of:
The Tip: Is special forged steel.
Of course the rest of the arrow is made of tree and feathers and the middle which is coloured grey is made of steel, as it serves as extra balance.
The inspiration is from mainly the greek god Artemis's weapon and a bit of my own mind :)
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